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The top ball Wilson Staff FG Tour X with small blemishes and no restrictions in quality! Like all quality urethane golf balls, the Wilson FG Tour's multi-layered core construction is encased in a molded urethane cover, customizing its distance, durability and overall performance to meet the needs of the best players. What makes the Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball different is its uniquely low compression combined with Traction Control technology, making it the only urethane ball on the market with a balata-like feel and tour caliber spin. The multilayer Wilson Staff FG Tour is the best solution for players looking for tour-class spin, maximum greenside control and excellent distance performance. The Wilson FG Tour has low driver spin, stable, penetrating ball flight and high traction control for a good launch. 1. Super-Soft, High-Speed Core The softest core the game has to offer today takes advantage of advances in technology to enable high launch speeds. 2. HPF Speed Mantle The speed generating HPF mantle locks in the low compression rate core for higher spin. 3. Thin Urethane Cover A super-thin urethane cover creates a premium feel and excellent durability. At distances up to 60m, the feel of urethane is unbeatable. 4. Traction Control Technologies The Multilayer FG Tour combines traction control and a thin urethane cover to produce the highest spin rate imaginable in clubs lofted 25° or more for the ultimate in shots and scoring.

25 Wilson Staff FG Tour X

42,25 €Price
  • Price per piece:
    €1.79 (AAAA/AAA)
    €1.29 (AAA/AA)                                                                                                              €0.69 (AA/A)

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  • Category AAAA/AAA

    The golf balls in the AAAA/AAA category are of very good quality, have a good shine and are largely consistent in colour. There are hardly any signs of play. Player markings, club or company logos may appear.

    Cuts, X-OUT or range balls do not occur.

    Category AAA/AA

    The AAA/AA category golf balls are of decent quality and still have a good shine. Traces of play (traces of use), discoloration, larger player markings, club or company logos occur.

    Cuts, X-OUT or range balls do not occur.

    Category AA/A

    The AA/A category golf balls are suitable for training purposes. Balls have clear abrasion or signs of play, blisters on the surface, discoloration, markings, dirt can be more pronounced.

    Cuts and X-Out balls can also occur.

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