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The Bridgestone B330-RXS has a very thin cover to provide more spin on the short shots on the green. The ball allows for good control and excellent feel on the green.


This ball is for players who prefer high spin throughout the game. A perfect ball for aggressive approaches to the flag.


B330-RXS - Swing speed below 105mph. Tour ball for amateurs. Maximum spin in the whole game.

25 Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS

  • Price per piece:
    €1.79 (AAAA/AAA)
    €1.29 (AAA/AA)
    €0.69 (AA/A)

    The prices include VAT and plus shipping costs

  • Category AAAA/AAA

    The golf balls in the AAAA/AAA category are of very good quality, have a good shine and are largely consistent in colour. There are hardly any signs of play. Player markings, club or company logos may appear.

    Cuts, X-OUT or range balls do not occur.

    Category AAA/AA

    The AAA/AA category golf balls are of decent quality and still have a good shine. Traces of play (traces of use), discoloration, larger player markings, club or company logos occur.

    Cuts, X-OUT or range balls do not occur.

    Category AA/A

    The AA/A category golf balls are suitable for training purposes. Balls have clear abrasion or signs of play, blisters on the surface, discoloration, markings, dirt can be more pronounced.

    Cuts and X-Out balls can also occur.

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