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The NXT Tour (S) offers players with lower swing speeds an all-round ball that is just as good as the NXT Tour.


This ball has a large, soft core that provides a very soft touch. Its thin, soft shell gives the ball very good controllability on the green.

25 Titleist NXT Tour S

32,25 €Price
  • Price per piece:
    €1.29 (AAAA/AAA)
    €0.99 (AAA/AA)

    The prices include VAT and plus shipping costs

  • Category AAAA/AAA

    The golf balls in the AAAA/AAA category are of very good quality, have a good shine and are largely consistent in colour. There are hardly any signs of play. Player markings, club or company logos may appear.

    Cuts, X-OUT or range balls do not occur.

    Category AAA/AA

    The AAA/AA category golf balls are of decent quality and still have a good shine. Traces of play (traces of use), discoloration, larger player markings, club or company logos occur.

    Cuts, X-OUT or range balls do not occur.

    Category AA/A

    The AA/A category golf balls are suitable for training purposes. Balls have clear abrasion or signs of play, blisters on the surface, discoloration, markings, dirt can be more pronounced.

    Cuts and X-Out balls can also occur.

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